About us

April 26, 2022


I'm known as oldhendra or hdewantara. You may see my profiles at following sites:


Site 1st creation: monday, October 04, 2010, 2:32:04 AM

What and why

Historically, we collect PHP scripts and images plus some HTML, CSS and native javascript scripts. and now smokingScript.com is our selection of interesting web coding resources: references, scripts and media.

Anyone could pick and use them for their own web development purposes. My own personal use is to help my old, aging brain to keep up with the pace of web development.

Browse to our selection here.

So what's in the name smokingscript? Well, it should be smokin' script without a g but hell... it's already there. We just hope nobody thinks that we have steps to quit smoking. Perhaps our logo depicts this better as it line-draws a coffee cup (top look) and a smoke (from a cigarette).


Goal and services

Upon request, we also deliver web coding and design services e.g. bug fixing, page optimization, etc etc. You may use our Comments form below (which will come here soon on this page) to reach us privately.