- Script Library and Coding Services

You are at homepage of our public web scripts library and coding services.

Most of the scripts here are built from scratch, so you would not find any complicated, already built-in widgets, nor frameworks, in our script collection. Scripts in our collection are supposed to be simple. No, I started using jQuery in some pages. The reason? Simplicity in implementation of an idea doesn't always result in simple javascript-machine codes. And I think it is more important to maintain the former, if the latter has become reliable enough[revised on Tue, Dec.11.2012]

We also run some web coding services. Find more detail about our script library and coding services on our about page here.

The navigational menu is a gray bar, located at bottom-right of each pages. And to fully enjoy your browsing, make sure you have enabled the javascript of your browser.

Good luck, and have fun..

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